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The Mayoral election on 2nd May is also a referendum on the enforcement of any future lockdown measures in West Yorkshire.

West Yorkshire Police are legally committed to act within the provisions of the Police and Crime Plan. Their requirement to do so is set out in the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011

If elected as West Yorkshire Mayor I will deliver a Police and Crime Plan that prevents the enforcement of lockdown and any other associated measures such as mask enforcement.

Central government acting under direction from the WHO can declare a lockdown, we can’t stop that, but if it’s not enforced it will count for nothing.

I’m the only candidate who will make this commitment. In fact, the other five candidates were, to differing extents, lockdown cheerleaders during 2020-22. The evidence is set out below.

The 2024 West Yorkshire Mayor election is a referendum on future lockdowns in the county. If you vote for me, Jonathan Tilt, I will guarantee, through my role as Police and Crime Commissioner, that any future lockdowns will not be enforced in West Yorkshire.

The position of the six candidates on lockdowns are detailed below.

batley campaign leaflet

Jonathan Tilt

Jonathan became politically active in 2020 in order to campaign against lockdowns. He was a founding member of the Freedom Alliance and stood as a candidate for them in the 2021 Batley and Spen by- election. His leaflet from that campaign unequivocally demonstrates his total opposition to lockdowns.

Stewart Golton is the Liberal Democrat candidate in the Mayoral election – as he was in 2021. He’s a Leeds City Councillor and prominent member of the Lib Dems. He has been a consistent supporter of lockdowns. In November 2020 he actively campaigned for West Yorkshire to be placed under higher tiered restrictions.

Stewart is also a particularly enthusiastic supporter of 15 minute cities.

And the Liberal Democrats nationally were supporters of lockdown although they did resist moves towards vaccine passports.

Bob Buxton is The Yorkshire Party Leader and their mayoral candidate as he was in 2021. Both Bob and his party were enthusiastic cheerleaders for lockdown back in 2020-21 and they can be relied on to support any future lockdowns or business restrictions.

Bob has argued that lockdown was introduced too late in 2020.

Arnold Craven is the Conservative Party candidate. Bizarrely Arnold has only very recently joined the Conservatives and consequently we can’t find any record of his lockdown views as a Tory. But he was previously Chair of the Yorkshire Party and active in that party during the lockdown years, so it is reasonable to assume that he broadly supports the views of Bob Buxton outlined above. If we have that wrong and Arnie is a secret lockdown sceptic then we will happily correct this information.

And, of course, it was the Conservative Party who led the imposition of unlawful lockdown restrictions across England. Whoever their mayoral candidate is they cannot be relied on to resist any national lockdowns in the future.

Andrew Cooper is yet again the Green Part candidate to be Mayor.

Andrew’s record on supporting lockdown is unambiguous. Whatever the government imposed on us in 2020-22 Andrew was always at the front of the queue arguing for more restrictive measures. Like more school closures for example.

Andrew is also a particular fan of masks and frequently complained that the public were failing to take their mask wearing duties seriously enough.

Andrew is such a fan of masks and lockdowns that would we suggest that if you want to vote YES in the referendum then he is your man.

And finally, we have the current Mayor and Labour candidate Tracy Brabin.

To be absolutely fair, whilst Batley and Spen MP ( Until May 2021), Tracy did attempt to question the cost of lockdowns and particularly, its impact on the cultural sector.

Sadly, once elected as Mayor, her stance changed and she consistently supported lockdowns and business closures within our county. She supported the introduction of vaccine passports¬†and ensured that masks were “mandatory” in West Yorkshire bus stations longer than elsewhere.

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