Statement on Palestine

As my campaign has gained momentum over the last few weeks I’ve consistently been asked one question ” What is your position on Gaza”.

Whilst outside the narrow remit of the mayor role the question is legitimate and demands an answer.

This statement is an attempt to unambiguously state my position on the current situation in Gaza and the wider Palestine/ Israel conflict.

Fundamentally I believe that:-

  • The civilian population in Gaza is suffering  an existential genocide. The UK government and opposition in failing to call immediately for a ceasefire have in part facilitated that genocide.
  • There must be an immediate and permanent ceasefire.
  • All occupying and invasion forces should permanently withdraw from Gaza.
  • Where state sponsored war crimes have been committed there should be accountability through the International Criminal Court along with reparations paid directly to the affected parties and wider civilian population.
  • Peace, security and justice require that there is a viable Palesitinian state not dependent on Israeli sanction for its normal existence. That state should be able to arm and defend itself on the same basis as any other sovereign nation.
  • Any 2 state solution must have an economically viable Palestinian state at its core.

More widely I believe that;-

  • The UK should focus on its own internal challnges. It should cease acting as a world force and should not participate in any foreign conflict where there is not an immediate and obvious risk to UK security.
  • Levels of immigration to the UK have reached unacceptable levels. Those immigration levels are not the fault of the migrants who have all to frequently been driven here by UK sponsored conflict in their homelands. Ending foreign wars is the key to controlling immigration levels.
  • The UK should exit NATO.
  • All groups have the right to peaceful protest. The UK government is cynically engineering an end to freedom of speech, thought and association.



As mayor of West Yorkshire my focus will inevitably be on domestic issues. This statement is intended to ensure that electors understand my position. As mayor I will have very limited opportunity to advance  any of the above positions. I will use the position to speak on behalf of the oppressed whether at home or abroad.


Jonathan Tilt

11 March 2024.






13 thoughts on “Palestine”

  1. Good afternoon

    I voted by post for you only last week. I wholeheartedly agree with your positions on mass immigration and lockdowns.

    However, so strongly do I feel about the right of Israel to both exist and defend itself unambiguously, I have to say that had I known your opinions on the Gaza situation, I would not have given you my vote.

    1. Fully agree with you.

      Jonathan has a solid set of views across the board. But the support of Hamas is unacceptable to me, even if under the guise of supporting ‘Gaza’. People in Gaza pretty much all voted for Hamas, are active members of Hamas and hate everything the West stands for. Sorry Jonathan, but whilst this view remains, I’ll have to spoil my ballot paper rattan than vote for you.

    2. You obviously have not read his full statement as he has never said Israel does not have a right to exist instead he has said a two state solution should exist.

    3. No entity has a right to invade, commit genocide and ethnic cleansing under false pretense and unsubstantiated claims. Mr. Tilt’s position is absolutely in line with responsible leadership and humanitarian principles. He got my vote, and deserved it. Zionism must be abolished, it is satanic to its core.

  2. Thank you Johnathan, I agree with all your issues and so it’s a refreshing change to be able to vote for someone who I actually share the same beliefs for once…

    Good luck with the election…
    One small note… There’s a short typo… You’ve missed out an ‘e’ in challenges… Where ‘the UK should focus on it’s own challenges..’

    Best wishes and good luck.

  3. Hello Jonathon,

    I hope my message finds you well

    Reading upon you, we members of 24 family has voted you.

    Please please please do not let us down as we are feeling very very insecure about every political leaders at this moment.

    Please make sure to voice your statements about Palastinians and try and save human lifes.

    Thank you

  4. I was surprised by your bald statement – The UK should leave NATO. An explanation why would have been useful.

  5. Gerard Tourtois

    I shall vote for you. I share 95% of your policy. For Palestine, you must be more clearly against Hamas. But it is not what a mayor is elected for. I agree about withdrawiing from Nato but stick to local = Leeds.
    100% with your transport policy. Enough climate crap.
    I am French. I lived in the UK since 1987 and I support FREXIT.

  6. Jonathan, it’s refreshing to see someone with a clear perspective and understanding on what is happening in this country and the wider world, including your views on Gaza. You seem well informed of what is occurring and the problems we are facing. You are the first Candidate that has genuinely raised these issues, (rather than just the potholes) that in essence have been created by the Uni-Party of politicians in Parliament from all sides of the House. I was not intending to vote, however you seemly offer a genuine alternative to corporate governance. I had previously emailed the Labour councillor for Pontefract Julie Craig, asking for her views on the very issues you highlight… No reply received, but I wasn’t surprised. You have my vote and I wish you well.

  7. Hi Jonathan, I hope you’re well.

    Just a quick note to say that my wife and I agree with you on all aspects and are fully supportive of your campaign. We voted for you on Thursday and are hopeful of a positive outcome.

    Kind regards

    John and Laura.

  8. Numerous people who are deeply disturbed by the genocide endorsed your candidacy, signifying popular support for your Gaza policy.

    The argument advocating Israel’s absolute right to self-defense has lost all credibility. This stance is unsustainable now, we all see the Israeli government is intent on the extermination of a population.

    The collapse of the apartheid state is inevitable. Freedom and justice must prevail for everyone.

  9. I appreciate your mayoral run, sorry you were not sucessful, but we know it’s hard to buy votes when you’re not the well funded incumbent. In leu of responsible leadership in Yorkshire, we may soon see the formation of the People’s Liberation Army of Yorkshire; PLAY, and similar militias across the UK and other globalist co-oped government countries by counterfieting central banksters. Everyone is welcome to join the anti-satanist force. Peace.

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