The purpose of this page is to provide a record of the resources and news from my 2024 Mayoral campaign.

Listed below are my election address, leaflets and links to key media resources.

jonathan tilt election address side 1
election address side 2

Election Address

The two sided election address was delivered in the WYCA election booklet to each voter in West Yorkshire. The full booklet is available here.

The booklet gave me the opportunity to make a clear statement as to why I was standing. I took the opportunity to highlight the very real dangers to our freedoms that will come with the election of a Uniparty candidate.

In practice there were significant problems with delivery of the leaflet with many addresses not reciving it until after polling day.

In addition to the address the campaign team delivered around 40,000 additional leaflets. We used two different layouts both of which are below.

not 4 sale banner
leaflet side 2
leaflet 2 side 1
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