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I am standing as an Independent candidate in the West Yorkshire Mayoral election on 2nd May 2024.

If elected I will promote and protect the interests of West Yorkshire and all its people, families, communities and businesses. 

I will resist the takeover of our democracy, society and public services by unelected and unaccountable corporate globalist interests.

I will protect and promote our freedom of movement, speech, thought and association. Above all I will continue to campaign to protect medical freedom

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Political parties are funded by large businesses and unions. In all the major parties the members have a rapidly declining role. The Tory members picked Liz Truss as their leader , vested interests behind the scene made sure that democratic decision was quickly overturned.

The political party system is inherently corrupt and damaged beyond repair.

As an Independent I am accountable only to the people who have elected me. I do not have to answer to funders, unions or party bosses in London. I do not accept donations over £500. In short I am not for sale.


Transport is one of the key policy areas devolved to the Mayor .

The current Mayor, Tracy Brabin, is openly committed to the war on motorists, stating that ” Journeys through our region can take many forms walking, cycling, bus, train and in the future mass transit.”

Ms Brabin sees no future role for travel by private vehicle despite the fact that 84% of journeys are currently made by car or van.

Labour will continue to penalise and persecute motorists. Do you really believe that the Tories, Liberals, Greens or Yorkshire Party are going to do anything to protect motorists’ interests.

If you want a future in which you are able to move freely in West Yorkshire by private car you need to vote for Jonathan Tilt on 2nd May 2024.

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Farming, Food and The Rural Economy.

No farmers=no food= no people.

We have become far too dependent on imported food delivered to us through monolithic supermarkets owned by billionaires. At a national, community and even individual level we need to become far more self sufficient in meeting our own needs.

More genrally farming is under attack by corrupted governments who want to destroy local food security. In the Netherlands nitrogen reductions are being used to drive farmers from business. In Ireland the government wishes to cull a third of the cattle to meet fraudulent carbon freduction targets. Such measures will soon arrive in the UK and I will use my position as Mayor to support resistance to to them



I will use my limited powers as Mayor to protect and promote farming and the rural economy within the county. 

To find out more about how I believe we can and must develop a vibrant and robust rural economy please click here 

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Gaza Conflict

The mayor of West Yorkshire has devolved powers over policing, integrated transport social housing and adult education. These are the focal points of my campaign.

I am however frequently asked for my opinion on other issues and in the interest of transparency I will always answer honestly. 

The subject I’m most frequently questioned on is the Gaza conflict and consequently I have set out my position here in a separate statement.

jonathan being interviewed by Kaela

Jonathan and Kaela Banthorpe discuss why he is standing to be West Yorkshire Mayor. Click Here


Support Me

Taking on the political parties and their wealthy sponsors is a mammoth task. And I need your help.

If you are in West Yorkshire then please vote for me on 2nd May 2024.

If you would like to help my campaign then please consider some of the following

Join my campaign team and help with leafleting and town centre campaign events. Follow me on Facebook and Twitter for details and updates.

Please consider donating a small sum to help make this campaign possible. All sums will be accounted for. The aim is to raise £20,000, any amount that is not used directly in this campaign will be donated to the Vote Freedom Project to support Independent candidates at the next general election. No one will personally  profit from this mayoral campaign.

Please share this website. my social media content but more importantly tell people amount my campaign to liberate West Yorkshire from the corrupt and incompetent political parties.

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